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First and foremost, chiropractic care isn't "one size fits all." Your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and condition, even down to adjusting style!
Dr. Amber finds that a combination of soft tissue and joint mobilization helps her patients heal faster. Gentle flexion-decompression is used to release pressure on the low back + it's an INCREDIBLE technique for disc & nerve pain. Many patients love ending treatment on the infrared mat to increase blood flow + boost oxygenation.

✔   Loosen up tense tissues.
✔   Adjust and mobilize. Motion is lotion!
✔   Gentle low back lumbar stretch. It's the stretch you didn't know you needed!
✔   Followed-up with deep infrared heat therapy. Naps happen here.

+ Treatment is only $45

Dr. Amber's

signature treatment

Conditions Treated

Healthcare should be affordable!

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You deserve to be treated like family.

You shouldn't have to live in pain.

At thrive chiropractic we believe:

Burning pain between the shoulder blades, or mid back pain from poor "desk-jocky" posture. We got you!

Mid + upper back pain

Compression of the sciatic nerve causes pain to travel down the leg, making it difficult to walk, sleep, sit, or stand.


You've heard the phase, "prevention is the best medicine." We think of wellness care as a little tune-up for your body.

Wellness + prevention

Reduce nervous system stress, balance pelvic bones & tissues, and optimize the mom's pelvic function in pregnancy and birth. 

Your Webster Certified chiropractor in Easley, SC

Pregnancy / Prenatal

Low back pain is one of the most commonly treated conditions in our office. We get great results!

low back pain

Pain + stiffness that makes it hard to sleep, difficult to concentrate, and can lead to headaches. What a pain in the neck! 

Neck + Trap Tension

Common Conditions We Successfully Treat Each + Every Day

- AO Dutch

"I was thrilled to find Dr. Amber and her amazing partner Heather after literally years of searching for someone to care for my joints in the upstate. She’s the first chiropractor I have found in SC that doesn’t require an upfront payment/payment plan, specify a required number of “treatments,” have a contract for care, or another of the other wacky ways chiropractic seems to work here. She is exceptionally skilled using both traditional and complementary health interventions. I always feel better after seeing her and it’s a treat to visit an office which such a warm and inviting ambiance."

- Jessie A.

Dr. Davis was easy to talk to and relaxed while completely professional. She listened to my needs and explained what she was doing the whole time. She doesn't recommended unnecessary visits, just what she thinks will help you feel and stay better. I would totally recommend her to family and friends.

- Melissa A.

Absolutely best chiropractor in Easley!! I'm so glad I found this place! She's so friendly and easy to make appointments with. Thank you so much!!

- Elizabeth C.

Dr. Davis is incredible! She helped me so much with my lower back pain.

- Heather L.

Professional, Knowledgeable and Caring Service every single time! Thrive Chiropractic of Easley keeps myself & the rest of Easley’s roller derby team on the track. I can not express enough how much I appreciate Dr. Amber & Heather!

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